Marjolijn Hof

Reykjavík en Siglufjörður

As from October 24 I will be in Iceland, working on a new book. First I will be staying in Reykjavík and next I move to Herhúsið, a writer's residence in Siglufjörður. The rest of the familiy is remaining at home in Holland.
To enable this sojourn Het Nederlands Letterenfonds (The Dutch Literary Fund) has kindly allowed me a grant.


Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin

From September 14 to 19 I will attend the International Literature Festival in Berlin, which is really something to look forward to. For additional information follow the link to the festival website or click here.


The movie rights of Een kleine kans (Against the Odds) have been sold to Lemming Film and the Filmfonds ( Dutch Movie Fund) has granted a subsidy. The screenplay is by Lotte Tabbers and the movie will be directed by Nicole van Kilsdonk. If everything goes according to plan, Een kleine kans is to go into circulation next year.

Chiisana Kanosei

The Japanese translation of Een kleine kans (Against the Odds) has been published by Shogakukan.
Chiisana Kanosei, Tokyo, Shogakukan, 2010. Translated by Etsuko Nozaka. Illustrated by Yoko Tanji.

Que no passi!

catalaanse cover

The Catalan translation of Een kleine kans (Against the Odds) has been published by Editorial Cruïlla.
Que no passi! Barcelona, Editorial Cruïlla, 2010. Translated by Gustau Raluy and Caroline de Jong. Illustrated by Gemma Capdevila.

Abba-rûl wihe jugûn sengjui

The Korean translation of Een kleine kans (Against the Odds) has been published by Sigongsa.
Abba-rûl wihe jugûn sengjui, Seoul, Sigongsa, 2010. Translated by Young-Jin Kim.

Mała szansa

Mala Szansalogo tulipanem

The Polish translation of Een kleine kans (Against the Odds) has been published by Hokus-Pokus. The publishing house has recently set up the Serie z Tulipanem - or Tulip Series, which accommodates translations of Dutch children’s books.
Mała szansa, Warsaw, Hokus-Pokus, 2010. Translated by Joanna Borycka-Zakrzewska.

USSBY book list - Against the Odds

The United States Board on Books for Young People selects an annual list of Outstanding International Books for children and young adults, which is published each year in the February issue of School Library Journal.
Against the Odds is one the 41 books that were chosen.

Against the Odds

Against the Odds (Een kleine kans) has been published by Canadian publishers Groundwood Books. Editor Patsy Aldana wrote a letter of recommendation which was so embarrassingly flattering that I refrained from putting it on my website. It would look too much like self-adulation. But as it has now been put on the NLPVF-website for anyone to see, I might as well …

Dear Friends,

Every now and then a publisher is lucky enough to come upon an exceptional book.
That is the case with Against the Odds by Marjolijn Hof. Originally published in Holland as Een kleine kans by Querido, on of Holland’s finest publishers, it has gone on to win two major Dutch awards and to publication in nine countries. It was our luck to get North American rights.

This is one of those rare books where the author manages to bring us the pure, unadulterated voice of a child. The book never slips from this voice. We find ourselves believing in Kiki from beginning to end. And Kiki who is a very brave, spunky and often funny child has a lot to endure. The fact that her father insists on going off on dangerous missions as a doctor despite her making it very clear to him that she doesn’t want him to go; the fact that her mother while loving is also somewhat vague and spaced out; the fact that her grandmother is furious with her father which doesn’t make it any easier for her to be furious on her own account; and the fact that the family dog is quite smelly and disgusting all come to a head when her father goes missing.

I’ll leave the rest of the story to you.

But please read this book. It is impeccable, brave, honest, and true with a wonderful heroine. It deals with issues that are absolutely pertinent at this moment in time. And I believe that young readers will recognise Kiki for one of them, the real thing, and will embrace her as she tries to find the right way to live with the difficult cards that have been dealt her.

I’m very proud to have this book on Groundwood’s list.
Patsy Aldana


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