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Zwaan laat het waaien

Zwaan laat het waaien

I'm happy to announce the publication of another book. It is a picture book called Zwaan laat het waaien (Swan makes the Wind Blow). I worked on it together with Ceseli Josephus Jitta, whose lovely illustrations really delight me.
Zwaan laat het waaien, Amsterdam, Querido, 2011


On 18 November I will be in Paris to attend a panel discussion on humour in children's literature and cross-cultural differences. The discussion is part of the Quinzaine de la jeunesse. A programme of literary events is organised by the Institut Néerlandais.

Minni líkur meiri von

Minni líkur meiri von

The Icelandic translation of Een kleine kans has been published by Forlagið.
Minni líkur meiri von, Reykjavík, Forlagið, 2011. Translated by Jóna Dóra Óskarsdóttir.

Patatje Oorlog wins jury prize

Patatje Oorlog, the film adaption of Een kleine kans (Against the Odds) has won the jury prize for best Dutch film at this year's Cinekid children's film festival.

İstanbul Tanpinar Literature Festival

I have been invited to stay inTurkey from October 2 to10. The first couple of days I will spend in Istanbul, at the İstanbul Tanpinar Literature Festival. Next I will give a series of lectures in South East Turkey. The ITEF has a different theme every year. This year it happens to be City and Food. Lucky me.

Nie ist ganz schön lang

The German translation of Oversteken has been published by Bloomsbury Berlin Verlag.
Nie ist ganz schön lang, Berlin, Bloomsbury, 2011. Translated by Meike Blatnik.


Een kleine kans (Against the Odds) has been made into a movie titled Patatje Oorlog - literally War Chips, which is colloquial Dutch for a portion of chips with (would you believe it?) peanut sauce, mayonnaise and raw onions. The movie is to be shown on the opening night of the annual Cinekid Festival on October 12. The festival is traditionally held in the autumn break and features movies, TV-shows and new media productions for young people.

New book and new translations

mijn opa en ik en het varken Oma

I'm pleased to announce that a new book has just been launched. Its Dutch title is Mijn opa en ik en het varken Oma, which translates into My grandad and me and a pig called Granny.
What else is new? Various translations have appeared recently: look here for Moeder nummer nul in English. (Mother numer zero.)
In addition to this there now are Portuguese and Turkish editions of Een kleine kans (Against the Odds ). And finally an Australian edition of the same book has been published by Allen&Unwin.


For the next six weeks I am staying in hotel Bleibtreu in Berlin as writer in residence. As I'm the hotel writer, they treat me like a princess.
Having a partnership with the International Berlin Literature Festival, Hotel Bleibtreu invites authors from all over the world. The project lasts two years. The hotel desk displays a picture of the writer who's currently their special guest.
I will be contributing short pieces to this weblog every so often. Also, I'm putting a lot of hard work into a new book. And of course there is Berlin to be explored!


In the next couple of weeks I will be staying in Herhúsið in Siglufjörður, as writer in residence. This little town in the north of Iceland has given me a most cordial reception.
It is snowing, there's a strong wind blowing, the house is creaking and groaning, but apart from the weather everything is just fine. The local Herring Museum offers a wealth of information and I am allowed to browse at any time, all on my own. The museum has been awarded various prizes, to which I would like to add one: a medal for making foreign writers feel welcome.
Today I spent in the hold of an ancient fishing boat in the vast museum-hangar. What better place for writing can you hope for?


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