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Woutertje Pieterse Prijs

De regels van drie (The rules of three) has won the Woutertje Pieterse Prijs, a Dutch award for the year's best youth literature book.The prize is awarded annually by a professional jury.

Smack dab in the middle.

Author Sheila O'Connor has interviewed me for writers' weblog Smack dab in the middle. Read the interview and do not forget to browse. They are truly inspired writers.


Italian publishers San Paolo Edizioni have released a translation of  Een kleine kans (Against the Odds).
Tutta questione di probabilità - San Paolo, Milan, 2013.
Translator: Anna Patrucco Becchi.
Als niemand kijkt (When Nobody is Watching) has been translated into German as Julia.
Julia - Bloomoon Publishers, Munich, 2013.
Translator: Meike Blatnik.
The German rights to Mijn opa en ik en het varken Oma (My grandad and me and a pig called Granny) and De regels van drie (The Rules of Three) have been sold to Aladin Verlag.

Vondel Translation Prize

The Vondel Translation Prize is awarded every two years for the best book translation into English of a Dutch literary or cultural-historical work.
Johanna W. Prins and Johanna H. Prins received an honourable mention for Mother Number Zero (Moeder nummer nul)
The Vondel Translation Prize 2013 has been awarded to David Colmer for The Misfortunates, his translation into English of De helaasheid der dingen by Dimitri Verhulst.

Great Rijksmuseum Storybook


The Amsterdan Rijksmuseum was recently reopened after a long and thorough renovation.
Last week saw the release of the Great Rijksmuseum Storybook, with contributions by twenty-five authors of children's literature, who each wrote a story to go with one of highlights of the museum collection.
It fell to me to write a story inspired by Hendrick Avercamp's Winterlandschap met schaatsers (Winter landscape with ice skaters)

De regels van drie

New book: De regels van drie (The Rules of three). Twan and his twin sister Linde travel to Iceland with mum and grandma. They are on their way to Twan’s great-grandfather, opi Kas, who is finding it hard to look after himself and for that reason his relatives intend to come and collect him. As it turns out, opi Kas has quite different plans.
De regels van drie, Amsterdam, Querido, 2013.


The rights to Een kleine kans (Against the Odds) have been sold to Sao Paulo publishers from Italy. Italian is the thirteenth language into which the book will be translated.
The rights to Mijn opa en ik en het varken Oma (My grandad and me and a pig called Granny) have been sold to Miš Publishers from Slovenia. The French translation is due to appear with Flammarion.

Istanbul Tanpınar Literature Festival


I have been invited once more to the Istanbul Tanpinar Literature Festival (ITEF). I am really looking forward to it, as I remember from my first visit what a great festival it is. This year I will do readings in Istanbul and Izmir.
The ITEF works closely together with The Dutch Foundation For Literature (for further inquiries see here and here).

Dedem ve Ben

Dedem ve ben Marjolijn Hof

The Turkish translation of Mijn opa en ik en het varken Oma has been published by Hayykitap.
Dedem ve Ben, Instanbul, Hayykitap, 2012. Translated by Burak Sengir.

Vlag en Wimpel

Mijn opa en ik en het varken Oma (My grandad and me and a pig called Granny) has been awarded a Vlag en Wimpel (which translates as Flying Colours), an honourable mention by the Griffel jury. The book had previously been given another honourable mention by the Woutertje Pieterse jury.


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